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by Iciar J Carrasco

I made various characters based on famous landmarks throughout the world for a final project I was working on for college. I decided to take the age of the landmark and to make the characters according to their age in comparison to the others. This features the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower. 

so while walking around New York City and interviewing people for a friend’s anthropology project, I met Dylan and Cole Sprouse.
we went into a diner to stop for lunch and they were sitting a few tables away from us.  so i asked really awkwardly if i could ask them a few questions for our project while they waited for their food, and they invited me to sit down with them.
they immediately launched into a sarcastic, rapid-fire, back-and-forth banter that i could hardly keep up without laughing my ass off.  it was awesome.  they were awesome.  dear tumblr i just want to tell you that i sat down in a diner with the Sprouse twins and they were absolutely awesome.